This agreement is made between Lone Star Aussies and the buyer listed below for the purchase of Australian Shepherd
Name_____________________________ Phone__________________
AKC Registration number or Litter number_________________________________________
ASCA Registration number or Litter number________________________________________
Date of birth_____________________________Sex___________
Color and markings_________________________________________________________
Sire name_________________________________________________________________________
Sire AKC reg #_____________________________Sire ASCA reg #__________________________
Dam name________________________________________________________________________
Dam AKC reg #____________________________Dam ASCA reg #__________________________
Purchase Price $___________________Deposit $_________________Shipping $_______________ Balance $______________

Deposit of $200 is required to hold your puppy and is non-refundable. Balance including shipping must be paid in full by money
order or cash before being shipped or picked up.

This puppy is the product of two genetically health tested AKC/ASCA registered purebred Australian Shepherd parents

All Pet/Non Breeding : Are required to be spayed /neutered at the age of 6 months and will be sold with limited registration, which
will be marked as such on registration papers.

All Show/Breeding: Will be sold with full registration.Seller does not guarantee performance.

All puppies and dogs are on a strict health program,including scheduled vaccinations,preventative shots,de-worming,parasite control
and high quality,high protein dog food.Seller is not responsible for any stress related illness due to shipping or transporting.The
puppy purchased is guaranteed healthy at the time it is shipped or picked up.Buyer agrees to take puppy to the vet within 48 hrs of
receipt or this contract becomes invalid.If the pup is found by a licensed Veterinarian,not to be in good health (internal,external
parasites and kennel cough excluded) buyer must notify seller within 24 hrs with a report from licensed Vet.Failure to return written report within 24 hrs of exam invalidates this agreement. Seller is not responsible for any fees incurred.Seller guarantees said dog or pup to be free from hereditary diseases at the time of purchase .Buyer agrees to provide fresh water and high quality food daily and to continue a strict health program of continued vaccinations and deworming and parasite control.If at anytime for any reason, the buyer can not keep said dog or puppy.

Buyer agrees to contact seller and offer animal back to seller,before it is offered to any other person for any reason.

Seller(s) Signature___________________________________________________Date______________

Buyer(s) Signature__________________________________________________Date_______________

Lone Star Aussies    Thomas Warren    972-775-0353    [email protected]